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Free Ultrasounds


Why an Ultrasound?

Information obtained through ultrasound is valuable regardless of what your intentions are for your pregnancy. It is a tool that can provide information and answer questions you may have about what is happening inside your body.

Ultrasound is the only way to determine if a pregnancy is ectopic (A pregnancy in which the fertilized egg implants outside the uterus). Having this information could save your life!

An ultrasound can tell you a lot of important things about your pregnancy, including the following:

  • Gestational age
  • Estimated due date
  • Confirmation of intrauterine pregnancy
  • Identification of ectopic pregnancy
  • Confirmation of fetal cardiac activity

Services we do not provide with a limited obstretrical ultrasound:

  • Gender reveals
  • Anatomy scans

Ultrasound Q&A

At Choices of the heart, we offer free limited obstetrical ultrasounds.

What is a Limited Ultrasound?

Ultrasounds are very simple, painless medical procedures that use sound waves to look inside your body. With specialized equipment, a trained ultrasound technician can literally see into your body and gain important information about your pregnancy.

So what is the "limited" part of a Limited Ultrasound?

In a limited ultrasound, we focus on providing answers to some very simple and important questions, such as:
Is the pregnancy safely located in the uterus?
What is the approximate age of the pregnancy?
Does the baby have a heartbeat?
A limited ultrasound is not designed to be a full medical evaluation. Instead, it is meant to provide answers to some of the most basic and important questions in the early stages of pregnancy.

Why should I get a Limited Ultrasound?

If you get a positive pregnancy test, you can be reasonably sure that you’re pregnant. However, pregnancy tests can’t give you any more detailed information than that. Getting an ultrasound is a very important step, as it can tell you whether your pregnancy is safe or whether you have a dangerous ectopic pregnancy located outside the uterus.

How do I get a Limited Ultrasound at Choices of the Heart?

The first step to getting a limited ultrasound at our clinic is to come in for a free pregnancy test. This test will allow us to verify that you are really pregnant.
Once you have a positive pregnancy test result, we will perform a limited ultrasound. It’s important to note your pregnancy results and the information from your ultrasound are completely free and 100% confidential. Depending on how far along you are, the ultrasound may be done vaginally or abdominally.